In 1938, Henri Vanzeebroeck started a business in cleaning products. Soon, he begins to produce wooden squeegees for floor and windows and started his brand Heva.

Following the success of this initial product, the company moved rapidly into the production of squeegees with a metal frame.

In the early 90's, HEVA developed a new line of squeegees with a polypropylene frame, especially designed for the food industry. These FOOD squeegees are highly appreciated by professionals due to the use of the best available materials.

Gradually other rubber household products such as doormats (in rubber, coir, polyethylene etc), safety bath and showermats, hot water bottles, toilet plunger, rubber gloves etc. were added to our sales program.

Due to the increasing number of products and clients, the company build a new warehouse near to Brussels, in 1986, which has been expanded again in the 90's. These buildings contain large stocks. Quick deliveries are the result.

After more than 70 years in the market, we have become a reliable partner in the distribution chain, supplying wholesalers, hygiene specialists, DIY stores, supermarkets, hard-discounters,... in Western Europe, and as far as Russia, the Middle East and New Zealand,...

So, if you are looking for high quality products delivered without any worries, we will be at your disposal. I am sure that our products and services will also meet your approval, now and in the future!

Geert Vanzeebroeck